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Cypress CY8CKIT-049-42XX – PSoC 4200 kit – first impressions

(This was a draft I write in 2015, thought I might as well publish it where I’d left it)
Cool packaging, just like in the PSoC5LP kit. Despite looking similar, with a breakoff section that plugs into USB, the “programmer” side actually isn’t. It’s Cypress’s USB Serial bridge chip, the CY7C65211, and you program by using the UART bootloader on the PSoC 4200 target. Totally functional, totally valid. Not nearly as useful as a full debugger for application development of course, but in effect, it’s a full eval board for the usb serial chip. You can get a config tool that turns it into USB-SPI, USB-I2C, and USB-GPIO dongles. Neat, but still, I didn’t get this to evaluate usb serial bridge chips. On the bright side, it does at least detect properly out of the box as a serial UART in linux. (Unlike the KitProg on the PSoC5LP kit)