This blog is an infrequently updated dump of obscure problems I’ve had in the world of software development, and how I overcame them. Normally I try and overcome these things by filing documentation bugs in the appropriate project, but sometimes, that just isn’t good enough. Or sometimes, what I’m doing is a little outside the box.

  1. Hi!

    Thanks so much for sharing your Arduino library for the MRF24J40MA!
    I am starting to play with it :) I’m using an Arduino UNO and I’m worried that having the communication between the UNO and the MRF24J40MA at 5V might break the latter.

    Do you know if that is the case?

  2. The datasheet says max IO voltage is 3.6V, so I would strongly recommend not even trying! You can _probably_ get away with a serial resistor, but don’t blame me if things get burnt :) A much better option, in my mind, is just to run your arduino at 3.3V, and move away from 5V completely. 5V is dead, long live 3V3!

  3. Hey! KarlP, take a look at ur arduino library for MRF24J40 github repository! i just made a pull request! hope this helps to anyone who’s using it, anyway I take this opportunity to tell you that you did a great job! thanks.

  4. hey Karl, I wanted to hook up my smartscope to sigrok, but found that it is not (yet) supported. You seem to have made a beginning for supporting it. Did you run into a dead end perhaps? what were your findings? If time permits, perhaps I csn help a bit! Kind regards, Evert-Jan

  5. Sorry, missed your comment earlier. My last/latest work is in https://github.com/karlp/libsigrok/commits/devel/labnation I largely just ran into motivation issues working out how to deal with the usb acquisition layer in sigrok and having to do it all in such a gross language :) I just use the labnation sw occasionally as I need it, which is rarely unfortunately. It’s still on the list of things to do, just not very high right now :)

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