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AVR ICSP on a breadboard

Update 2011-02-20: I made a new one for some another board, so I took a couple more pictures..

I thought I’d drawn this up a while ago, but seems I never actually got around to it. Because I prefer a proper programming editor (ie, NOT the arduino environment) I normally end up using plain old C and plain old ICSP programmers like the USBTinyISP

Anyway, the 2×3, 6 pin programming header doesn’t really plug into a breadboard, so I took some strip board, put a 2×3 on the top, and two 1x3s on the bottom spread out enough to cross the gap on the breadboard.

Then, just wire up the header to the MOSI/MISO/SCK/Reset pins on whatever device you’re using.Breadboard ICSP programmer in-situ in a wireless sensor node
AVR ICSP programming header view 2
AVR ICSP breadboard programming header