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Eclipse 4.2, Lua and execution environments

One of the things that made me want to go and try eclipse again was this advertised Lua Development Toolkit, the LDT. (aka Koneki, have I mentioned how much I hate eclipse’s acronym+codename soup?) Apparently I could develop Lua scripts in eclipse, with syntax highlighting, debugging, documentation and all that good stuff.

So, I made a simple script. I didn’t get any help/luadoc. I did get syntax highlight, but I get that in vim too. Oh, and there’s no “run” configuration. Umm, that’s kinda important. I didn’t set up an “execution environment” because well, I just wanted to use the system lua. Seems that you actually must set up an execution environment so that it knows how to run things and do the luadoc. Except, it’s just some magical zip file. Which is not provided by default and has no documentation on what it should contain.

So yeah, good fucking luck actually using this advertised feature of the Lua Development Toolkit. Another excellent fucking release from eclipse. I try to like eclipse, I try to use it, but for fucks sake.