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Emby and Jellyfin with Podman

I had some “unplanned outages” with my home infrastructure, and had to quickly get something up to watch some TV. I was planning on running plex again, when the “main” infrastructure is up again, but took a moment to try out Emby and Jellyfin, to see what they’re like. I’m just running them as quick demos from my main PC, so I had zero intention of setting up some permanent custom linux. And I’ve gotten pretty happy with podman these days, instead of root docker, so….


$ podman run -d -p 8096:8096 -v $(realpath some-place-to-keep-config):/config:z  -v /mnt/<some local path to tv>:/mnt/share-tv:z emby/embyserver:latest

Pretty normal really. Add as many volume maps as you need for different media types, remembering that everything for the last X years insists that tv and movies are kept in entirely separate top level directories…. for… reasons…. The :z is “normal” to get the mapping permissions right

I’ve not yet tested whether it’s finding things well with local web browsing, might need a –network=host but… nothing special.


Same same…. Just had to map the port differently, as I was running them both side by side to give them a try…

$ podman run -d -p 8097:8096 -v $(realpath media-jellyfin/config):/config:z -v $(realpath media-jellyfin/cache):/cache:z  -v /mnt/blah/somewhere/tv:/mnt/share-tv:z jellyfin/jellyfin:latest

Now to just see how they both go?