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Bash tab completion for python scripts

Bash completion is normally pretty awesome. You can even tab complete hostnames to ssh, if you’ve ssh’d to them before. It can complete arguments to all sorts of commands, and there’s even a python module that will let you provide completion for your custom command.

And this is all handled by plugins, so if you are executing something new/different, you get plain old regular completion of files and directories. This mostly all works, but I ran into a problem with a python script I’d written the other day, and I have no solution at all, only a workaround.

In all cases I expect to get full path plus file completion and prompting as my command is “unknown”



asdfasdf fileprefix[tab]

Works perfectly

python my-script.py fileprefix[tab]

Works perfectly

python my-script.py --my-argument fileprefix[tab]

only completes directories!

chmod +x myscript.py
./my-script-py --my-argument fileprefx[tab]

Works perfectly

I can only assume there’s a bug in the python completion module? No idea how to diagnose it further though. Having to make my own scripts executable isn’t the end of the world though, so it works for now. This was with bash 4.25.45(1) on Fedora 18, and bash-completion version 2.1, fwiw