Terminus Tech 7 port usb 2 “high speed” hub teardown

7 port usb 2.0 “high speed” hub, with per port power switches and leds. Only shows up as full speed in lsusb. Leds on ports are very bright, power switches only cut vbus line, rather flaky construction, shaking or bumping can cause disconnects. Seems to consume too much power, without external 5V (not included) vbus can be very low. Available on ebay, tmart, dx.com… http://www.ebay.com/itm/371304833792

The fe1.1s chips are meant to support high speed, so…?

Update: When I had it open, connected to a different computer, it showed up reliably as high speed. Back on the original computer, disassembled, still high speed. Case closed up again, it would show up normally as full speed fallback, and only occasionally as high speed. Further testing indicated that the front panel usb socket is the actual cause. Connecting this hub to another high speed hub showed up reliably as high speed.

The sexy input cap is 200uF, 10V. The rocker switches are KCD11, rated 3A 250VAC, or 6A, 125VAC! The crystal is umarked, but must be 12Mhz from the datasheet.




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