Site availability problems…

So, some of you got some breakages today, maybe part of yesterday. Sorry aboutthat :( I’ve moved this blog from some shared hosting onto a VPS from, along with some other projects from home and other computers. This is the first time I’ve ever actually moved a real live website before, so there was a little bit of learning.

I was clever enough not to try and write any new blog posts while it was transitioning, but what I missed was some apache config that wordpress requires, mod_rewrite. I didn’t have this turned on on my new host at first, and I only checked that the front page came up, not all the links. doh.

So, why the move? Well, it wasn’t because of any problems with the old host. I’ve used for ever, (back in 2003) and have been extremely satisfied. Good prices, consistently upgraded plans, and phenomenal support, both the turn around time, and the quality of answers.

However, I have a few other projects lined up, and some of them required/wanted things that just aren’t an option on shared hosting. Spatial databases, python websites via WSGI for performance, that sort of cool things. So I looked at the price of a host that would manage that, and found that, really, I should be able to move all my shared hosting accounts onto one single VPS. was the first, and in a week or two, if it all goes well, I’ll look at moving some other domains over to it as well.

One of the things I’m already missing however, is managed email. I wanted more flexibility over the web services side, but I was really quite happy having a nice web gui for managing email accounts, and some basic webmail. Now I have to set up postfix/dovecot, and handle mail myself for multiple domains! (And, probably train my mother on a slightly new webmail!)

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