WebMethods Designer 8 – take 2

Well, it’s still pretty crap. Here’s some more things that are just wrong/stupid.

  • The navigation tree on the left helpfully scrolls to the current flow. Except that it actually scrolls so that the top of the folder containing the current flow is at the top of the tree view. So for a folder with (too) many flows, the current flow is actually off the bottom of the screen.
  • To see your currently locked elements, you need to scroll to the very top, right click the server and choose properties.
    Fine, except that you can’t double click on an entry to go to that flow, and the dialog is modal, so you have to keep opening and closing it to have a list of what’s locked. Or, take a damn screenshot.

Doesn’t matter whether I’m using the stock version, based on eclipse 3.4, or installed into a working eclipse 3.6.

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