eclipse 3.6 and maven archetypes with IAM/q4e

Ok, IAM for maven integrations fails the big one. It still uses the v1 archetype plugin in maven, so it completely and utterly fails to generate archetypes that are remotely recent.

Secondly, it only uses an internal list of archetypes, even if there’s more installed in your local ~/.m2 repository, and there’s no way of browsing on a remote repository, you have to type in all of it. (Intellij 9 also does this, but at least it can then do the generation steps!)

So, how about running archetype:generate from the command line, and then importing it into eclipse?

well, that kinda works. I made a new empty project, and chose to import a maven project. I pointed it at the base dir of my generated project, and it detected the two child modules, and with “experimental parents” enabled, it generated me 3 projects. Apparently that’s how eclipse works. kinda lame. My parent project has all the source of the inner projects.

This was using eclipse 3.6.1, and Eclipse IAM version

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