Version Control of scriptlets/single file programs

I have my ~/bin directory under version control, which is fine, and all well and good. But some of those scriptlets, I’d like to make public, and share them on github, or somewhere similar. Then they could get tickets opened and closed, and better? documentation. But, version control systems seem to consider a directory to be the smallest managed unit possible.

How does one reconcile these? I don’t want all my scriptlets public. (Some of them are both far too ugly, and contain far too much hardcoding) But I don’t want a directory for each scriptlet and have to manage paths. I DO still want to have all scriptlets under version control. Essentially, these are _all_ unique software “projects” but with just a single file per utility, it seems heavy handed to have to have an install wrapper to handle putting it into a single bin dir for actual usage. And having to have separate repositories for each one?

I can have a public and a private repository, but how does one “promote” code from private to public? (I’m only really interested in svn/git/hg) Gist’s at github seem to offer versioned single files, but how can that easily be integrated into my ~/bin directory? I want some sort of easy way of saying “update all these utilities”

Really, how does one manage this at all? Or do we all just stick it in a single directory, and live with the cruft?

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