BP-511 breadboard adaptor, reusing nice batteries for my own needs

When I upgraded my camera due to the death of my dear beloved Canon 300D, I was left with a handful of BP-511 batteries, 1200mAh and up, with a nice charger. Except, they don’t really plug into anything very well. With a growing proliferation of small battery powered nodes around the house, I thought I should be able to reuse these. I’m probably burning some extra power by running these 7.5V batteries down to 3.3V, but I’m cool with that. Any production boards would be running on 2-3 AAs anyway, with a “proper” connector. But this is still pretty handy.

I just put some loops of bare copper wire on some strip board to make contacts, and then put in some headers to make it easier to connect to things. Presto!

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