Installing Eagle 5.12 on Fedora 19 64bit

Earlier I wrote about installing Eagle 5.12 on Fedora 17 64 bit, but on a new computer, I have an updated OS, so here’s a revised list.

This should be the minimal steps to install. (You probably need glibc.i686 as well, but it _should_ get pulled in by these other libs)

  • libXrender.i686
  • libXrandr.i686
  • libXcursor.i686
  • freetype.i686
  • fontconfig.i686
  • libXi.i686
  • libpng12.i686 (Changed names since Fedora 17)
  • libjpeg-turbo.i686

libstdc++.i686 might have been necessary as well, but I had quite possibly already installed it.

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